Sitting all day = Stiff Back!

nwce-24-07‘Sitting all day = Stiff back’ – well it did for me when I sat  on a steam train all day this past weekend. As lovely as it was seeing the rugged landscape of North Wales rush by me and my father, who the trip was for, on a bygone steam train. However, I did find eight hours of sitting on the train made my back stiffen up. A walk around during water stops and some loosening up exercises at the end of the day helped my back  but if I had to sit for that long that every day I’m not sure what state my back would be in!

It made me think..sitting for eight hours in a day,  which is something I’m not used to doing being an Osteopath, is quite normal for much of the sedentary working population. What must their back feel like at the end of the day, week, year….? I know my back would be in a bad bad state if I did that and didn’t learn to look after it.

Office workers posture

Office workers posture

I know if you’re an office worker your probably saying ‘yes, that’s my life every day’. However, the right exercises done daily and proper management can keep even the most sedentary office workers out of trouble. How do I know that? Well many of my office worker ‘maintenance patients’ who came in with a bad back are now with regular input from them and help from me can keep pain free and mobile. I’ve seen it first hand and many times over. One thing I would recommend is the sooner you do something about your back the easier it is to manage it and recover from. The more serious the injury the longer the recovery and more pain will be experienced.

It goes without saying, if you do have a painful or stiff back its essential you get a professional opinion to know what you are dealing with (diagnosis) and how best to manage.

So, just to get you going here are a few top tips at preventing a bad back if you do spend a lot of time sitting.

My favorite back exercise:

  1. Get up and move around every 30 minutes. Yes 30 minutes for 30 seconds!
  2. Carry out back exercises ideally 2x day (morning and night). Get professional advice which exercises you should be doing.
  3. Take more exercise as the fitter and stronger your body, the less likely you are to suffer.
  4. Watch your weight – if you’re carrying more weight than ideal it will mean more stress on your back.
  5. Keep hydrated as water helps to keep the discs in your back more effective at absorbing shock and thus help look after your back.

If you do have a stiff or painful back no matter how occasional it is, do something about it today and get help.

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