Services & Treatments

Services & Treatments

The clinic offers a wide range of services including:

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands-on approach to healthcare, based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it functions.

Treating a patient

First of all I will take the time to listen carefully to your case history. I will discuss with you the issues that you have come in to talk about, the symptoms, when they developed  and any changes in either the symptoms or your general health since the onset of the problem. I  will also ask you questions about your general health, any medication you take and your past medical history. This allows me to build up an “holistic” picture, looking not only at the symptoms, but also at your lifestyle  so that I can understand why the problem has arisen.

Treating a patient

Then I carry out an examination of your body in order to make an evaluation of your physical condition. I will look at your body, assess your posture and observe how your spine and other joints move. Any appropriate tests, such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure, will be performed, and then I will gently feel the tone of your muscles, and examine the joints of the body in order to make an holistic diagnosis. If your symptoms are from weight-bearing joints (foot, knee, hip, back) you may be advised to have your gait analysed using our Gaitscan technology.

I will then discuss my findings with you. If it is appropriate, you will then have an osteopathic treatment on your first visit, and a plan will be discussed with you about the need for follow ups (if required), exercises or lifestyle advice.

Exercise Rehabilitation
Specific exercises will be given to improve your condition.

Prescription Orthotics
Improving your gait and posture may involve prescribing you orthotics. An orthotic is a special bespoke insole that is worn inside your shoe. The aim of the orthotic is to correct your body’s posture and alignment based on the findings of a biomechanical assessment. If your body is more symmetrical and well aligned, many aches and pains will disappear and many others will be prevented from occurring.

General lifestyle, fitness and nutritional advice may be given where appropriate.

We have a range of supports and equipment to aid with pain relief and posture.

The pictures below show some of the most common orthotic insoles I prescribe, but specialised orthotics for skiers, footballers, ice-skaters and runners are also available.

Runflex Orthotic   Superflex Orthotic   Courtflex Orthotic   Dressflex Orthotic   Kidsflex Orthotic