Meet the Osteopath

Gillian Brown

Gillian Brown - portraitI started my career as a professional tennis coach before developing an interest in injuries and their management.

I’ve been involved in sport all my life, competing in junior national tennis tournaments and playing in the American collegiate tennis system after gaining a tennis scholarship and studying sports science. I still play competitive tennis representing Lancashire and keep fit with mountain biking and swimming.

Following a debilitating foot injury I suffered about 6 years ago, I found prescription orthotics to be the crucial thing to relieve my symptoms and correct my foot biomechanics. This led me to undertake further study in foot biomehanics and orthotic prescription. I’ve invested in state of the art TOG Gaitscan equipment to help others. I also work for leading orthotic company TOG as a trainer.

I’m passionate about keeping others fit and healthy to enjoy their own activities as I know how frustrating it is to be injured!