Knee Pain is not always a knee problem

Knee pain is not always stemming from a problem in the knee joint. In fact, it is a very commonly mis-diagnosed injury. So, if its not coming from the knee, what is causing the problem? The spine. Lower back pain

The spine is the nerve centre for the whole body and without the spine we would not be able to move.

For the knee, the L3 lumbar spine (thats the mid-lumbar spine) is responsible for movement and sensation of the knee joint.

Typical knee symptoms are clicking, locking, giving way, muscle tightness around the  knee, pain and swelling. These symptoms can also be  knee joint in origin but there is usually a twisting and bending trauma associated with it. If there is no trauma associated with the knee pain, the spine could well be the origin of pain. Accurate diagnosis of the knee and spine can find the origin of pain.

Running - leg pain

Speaking from experience here, I personally get tightness around the knee and sometimes hip/groin pain. There is no trauma associated with my knee pain, the symptoms tend to build up over time. I will also get stiffness in my back (L3 level) but not always. So, what do I do about it? Well, I get my back treated and treat my patients back if the spine is the origin. I find manipulation and traction of my back sorts out the problem. I also do back mobilising exercises to help prevent my back from getting stiff. Will that cure it? No, there is no cure.

Its not about a cure but more managing it. I have, like many other of my patients a stiff part of my back, lets call it  ‘chronic vulnerability’ to injury. However, if maintained through exercises and treatment when needed, it doesnt become a problem and I can life a very active life.

So, we have talked about knee pain not always being a knee problem. Thats only one part of the body. As I mentioned earlier, every part of the body has a spine innervation. So, it is importent to get a accurate diagnosis from the outset so the right part of the body gets treated and then gets better.