Is Sitting Causing You Back Pain?

IMG_0159Back pain is pandemic. There are literally millions and millions of sufferers in the world today and it is second only to the common cold as a cause of time off work.

Sitting compresses the base of the spine. I believe that the main cause of simple back pain is compression of the discs between the spinal joints, particularly at the base of the spine. This compression is mainly brought on by long hours of sitting. Sitting, particularly in a slumped position increases the pressure in the disc causing them to flatten and stiffen. This then makes the disc vulnerable to further injury.
The good news is the right diagnosis, treatment and advice can stop back pain allowing you to live pain-free.

As sitting is such a big part of many people’s lives I advise patients to get a chair that allows the correct natural posture to be maintained. The best chair that I found and now use in my clinic is the ‘BackApp’ chair. It allows you to maintain an excellent posture with virtually no effort whilst also exercising the core muscles. What a bonus – we could now say, ‘Sitting benefits the back!’

For advice or a free spinal check or more advice on the BackApp, please contact the Clinic.