Don’t Ignore a niggle!

I was giving a talk recently to a group of local business professionals about what sort of people I can help in my work. I talked about,

‘don’t ignore niggles’ as this is your bodies way of saying I’m hurting and I’m injured. So, an untreated niggle can become a longer lasting injury if the same aggravating stimulus continues.

So, my discussion about ‘niggles’ struck a cord with a local business lady that was also a fitness professional and she came to see me. It turns out her corbra fit classes, which involves a whipping technique of a think rope to challenge the whole body, had caused her tennis elbow. As she was carrying out increasing number of classes per week, this was starting to put too much stress on the body and a niggle was turning into an injury that could, worringly for her, affect her business.

Once the injury was diagnosed I set out of releasing the tension of the injured forearm  muscles and giving appropriate advice about stretching and iceing. We then formulated a management plan as complete rest was not an option and I’m well aware myself one has to keep their business ticking over when self-employed.

So, the patient recovered and a niggle did not turn into an injury! The patient was very grateful and wrote me a testamonial which I have attached below (please click on the link to make it bigger).