Correct shopping posture – don’t let Christmas put a crimp on your back

Holiday Shopping: Oh the Joy, Oh the Pain

There are more back, neck and shoulder injuries suffered during the holiday season than at any other time of the year

This is because people are loaded up with gifts, they’ve been walking for hours and hours, many women in high heels, and all the time putting strain on their neck and backs.


Keep the Good Cheer and Reduce the Wear (and Tear) on Your Back

To ensure that good tidings prevail for you and your family this holiday season and to stem the tide of aches, pains and even injuries, Gillian has come up with the following healthy and smart shopping techniques for all:

10 Tips for a Smart , Healthy and Pain-Free Holiday Shopping Season

1. Women especially, wear comfortable shoes, no high heels (tennis or running shoes).

2. Women, do not carry your large handbag loaded with your things. Empty out or opt for a smaller bag that you can put in another bag as you begin collecting more bags.

3. While standing in a queue, shift your weight from one leg to the other and bend your knees occasionally.

4. While queing, or walking, do shoulder shrugs, and bend your head back to stretch your spine and alleviate pressure; take some deep breaths, you’ll need the extra oxygen and it feels good too.

5. Carry bags equally divided, as much as possible with even weight distribution.

6. Do not walk around with gifts/bags, etc., in front of you, (causes great lower back strain) and do not carry gifts on your shoulder,  (tremendous pressure and strain on all muscles).

7. Nutrition on the go is important. Carry a mix of assorted unsalted nuts and fruit and stay hydrated with water ideally.

8. When wrapping gifts, be sure to do it on a flat surface that does not require you to stretch or bend or remain in awkward positions for any length of time – I’ve heard of patients using ironing boards!

9. Rest on benches, or sit to reduce leg pain and lower back stress and enjoy watching your fellow shoppers.

10. Take a well earned rest and have a hot bath when you get home.

Hopefully if you take on board those shopping tips you will be fit and healthy to enjoy Christmas. However, if you’ve ‘overdone’ it a little I’m here to help at the clinic. The clinic will be open up until 22nd December and 28th & 29th December too.

Contact the Clinic on: 01582 764361 or email

Merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year!