Any fitness goals 2016? Get yourself checked out to save injuries later…

Its that time of year and you want to get yourself fitter and healthier for 2016. So, you sign up for a triathonlon, 10k or even a marathon and you start training. All is going well and then an overuse injury looms and stops you from training and obvious dissapointment and frustration prevail.

Why not prevent overuse injuries from developing in the first place by having an injury assessment and gaitscan analysis to forsee injuries developing and prevent them from developing.

So, what is Gaitscan analysis?

TOG Gaitscan is a computerised software system and pressure plate for assessing foot mechanics. It is importent to look at foot mechanics as they show problems that could occur in your feet, back, knees, and hips and all muscles connecting. Carrying out a gait analysis involves a detailed foot examination and then a standing and walking 3D scan.
orthotics 2How can I prevent injuries from developing?

Following both the injury and gaitscan assessment we will have a detailed picture of your biomechanics and what injuries you may be susceptable to. From here if appropriate you may be recommended a prescription orthotic that you will wear in your trainer to aid with your biomechanics. Additionally recommendations for stretching, stengthening and any other appropriate advice will be given. Courtflex orthotic insole

Runflex orthotic insole

Sports customised orthotics to improve your running gait

Don’t worry if you do come in with an injury – advice and appropriate treatment can be given but remember prevetion is always better than cure!

For further information please call the Clinic on 01582 764361.